The purpose of this content is to detail job seekers on the highest-paid jobs at Australia Zoo that are available to both Australian Citizens and also foreigners.

Australia has one of the largest zoos in the world covering over 1,000 hectares and is located in the Australian state of Queensland on the Sunshine Coast near the Beerwah/Glass House Mountains. However, it is always said that “there is no zoo like Australia Zoo.” Daily, they pile into packs of wildlife stock, so there’s plenty to see.

Individuals and visitors from around the world come to Australia Zoo for fun as there are many wildlife stocks taking place every day. You can meet animals, take a ride around the zoo, feed the animals, take wildlife photos, and have fun with wildlife shows.

What zoo job offers are available in Australia?

There are so many jobs at the zoo in Australia that you can get. Below are some top job offers you can get at Australia Zoo;

  1. You can work as a veterinarian who makes you responsible for the health care program for maintaining health records and collecting animals.
  2. You can also work as a veterinary technician who is under veterinary supervision, to provide care for animals.
  3. You can work as an animal curator overseeing a specific group of animals in the zoo’s collection such as mammals or reptiles
  4. You can also work as a general curator overseeing the entire animal collection at the zoo, more as a top task compared to that of the animal curator.
  5. You can also work as a Conservation Biologist/Zoologist who holds you responsible for carrying out the field chat project and also provides technical or scientific assistance for animal collection management.
  6. Australia Zoo also has job offers as a Keeper/Aquarist. This kind of work holds you responsible for keeping records and also daycare and preparing the animal diet.
  7. You can also work as a recorder and be responsible for keeping computer data of animals and also allow the keeping or transport of animals.
  8. You can also work as a zoo director or assistant director. However, your job is to implement the policy from the authorities and also check intuition plans and future developments.
  9. You can also work as acting financial director for all financial activities at the zoo.

Other major jobs at Australia Zoo include exhibition curator, horticulture curator, education curator, public relations, development director, marketing director, special events manager, membership manager, gift shop manager, visitor service manager, staff manager, volunteer coordinator, director of research, director of conversation, operation director and many more.

Where can you find job offers at Australia Zoo?

There are so many platforms out there listing job offers at the zoo in Australia. However, you can request a job offer from Australia’s official zoo platform. On Australia Zoo’s official platform, you simply start your application online. With the form filled in, you have to choose whether you are a citizen or not, select the job offer you want, and continue. To apply for jobs at Australia Zoo online, click here. However, I would advise you to go through our guide on how to get a permanent residency in Australia as a foreigner. If you have any questions about jobs at Australia Zoo, the application guide, or any other questions regarding this topic, please let me know through the comments section.

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