In this article, I will guide all those migrating to Dubai on the different paths of residence in Dubai and how to apply for a Dubai residency visa online. It is one of the biggest cities to visit for tourism. Staying in Dubai is not a bad idea, however.

There are so many benefits that expats get while living in Dubai. I would like to mention a few and also guide you on the different paths on how you can gain residence in Dubai.

Benefits of staying in Dubai

  1. Dubai is a very safe city with a low criminal history and also has a high-security mass. It does not allow its citizens or residents any right to possess and bear arms, which is more the reason it has low or no record of gun-related violence and deaths.
  2. Dubai is very cheap in festive periods. You can get a lot of high-level items at very affordable prices.
  3. You become more globalized in Dubai than in any other country because there is an opportunity to blend in with other cultures and learn. However, you should note that there is no route to citizenship in Dubai.
  4. You can become more traveled to Dubai due to its coordinates and axis in the globe and terminals.
  5. In Dubai, your international experience will grow a lot
  6. In Dubai, you have the opportunity to spread your wealth
  7. In Dubai you can celebrate not only your time, but everyone else
  8. In Dubai, gasoline is much cheaper than that of many other cities in the world.
  9. English is close to the second language in Dubai
  10. There are many investment opportunities in Dubai and many more benefits.

Now that I have highlighted the benefits of staying in Dubai, let me briefly explain the ways you can apply for a Dubai residency visa online.

Visas to Dubai Residence Visa

There are different routes to get Dubai residency visa online and this includes;

  • Resident visa obtained by property purchase
  • Visa obtained through employment in Dubai Company
  • Visas to be opened by a company in Dubai

Let me briefly explain the methods of obtaining the Dubai residency visa online.

  • Visa to Dubai by purchasing property

Any foreigner can easily obtain a residence visa in Dubai by property purchase or investment in Dubai. To earn a Dubai residency visa through property purchase, you must purchase property worth a minimum of 1 million AED in total. Once you have it, you can easily apply for a Dubai residency visa online.

  • Visa to Dubai by getting a job

Once you have a job offer in Dubai company and, meet their requirements and get hired, the employer becomes your sponsor in obtaining the Dubai residency visa. So once you have a job offer, you can apply or work permit and also get a residency visa in Dubai. This is another way to gain residence in Dubai.

  • Staying in Dubai through opening a business

As an entrepreneur and you want to start a business or a company in Dubai, then this is a route you can use to get a dubai residency visa. Also, the foreign applicant is required to appoint a legal representative who is also resident in the UAE to handle the business incorporation procedure.

The above mentioned are the way to obtain visa residency in Dubai. However, you can apply for visas to Dubai online and also go through their official immigration platform. You should know basic requirements for application such as passports, photographs, bank statements and, other applicable documents depending on the type of visa you apply for. If you have any further questions about your Dubai residency visa, please let me know through the comments section. This will help each new visitor know frequently asked questions and answer careergigo on this topic.

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